Workplace Health & Safety Maps

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your workers and greatest assets, a workplace health and safety map is vital!


From workshops and packing sheds to office blocks and commercial buildings, workplace health and safety maps are a mandatory requirement for all businesses in Australia. At Mayne Maps, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards in precision and quality. For over 15 years, we’ve produced custom-designed mapping services to clients of all sizes and spanning all industries across Australia. And where the safety of your workers is concerned, we don’t deal in guesswork – you can count on us for accurate, detailed and premium quality maps. Our workplace health and safety maps are custom-made to suit not only Government regulations but to also fulfill your requirements and the needs of your management team.


Safeguard your largest assets with a quality mapping solution designed to offer a detailed and easy-to-understand navigation tool in times of emergency. For more information, please call Alan today on 0409 800 211!

Workplace Health and Safety Map

This map is used in Workshops and Packing Sheds to fulfill
the needs of the Government agencies

WHS Map for a Workshop

Essential map for a Workshop especially
considering that many of the workers
are “Backpackers” and would not know
procedures to follow in an emergency.

Workplace Health and Safety Map

A Workplace Health and Safety Map for a property
around the office and workshop area.

WHS Map for an office

This office is on a farm property