Evacuation Maps

Where the safety of your workers and visitors are concerned, there’s no greater protection than having a detailed, up-to-date and easy-to-use evacuation map in place. At Mayne Maps, we specialise in exactly that!


From making the exits clear to ensuring the safe meeting points are easily understood and simple to navigate, Mayne Maps have provided customised mapping solutions that boast detail, accuracy and quality for over 15 years. Whether it’s a commercial building, school, hospital, or farm, every property is required by law to have an emergency route and plan in place.


When it comes to easy navigation and attention to detail, Mayne Maps are industry leaders in providing quality mapping solutions. As part of our evacuation mapping services, you can rest assured that your staff, visitors and patrons will clearly understand the emergency procedure put in place. What are you waiting for? Leave the safety of your property and people in the capable hands of Mayne Maps. For more information about our evacuation mapping service, please call Alan today on 0409 800 211.

School Emergency Map

My first map of Caboolture High School became
their first Emergency Evacuation Map
or Work Place Health and Safety map.

Office Evacuation Map

A Farm Office Evacuation Map or a Work Place
Emergency Evacuation Map

Work Place Health Map

A Work Place Health and Safety map
to evacuate the workshops and buildings.

Workplace Safety Map

An emergency map for the workshop area for a farm.