My Guarantee to You

How much will my map cost?

This is impossible to tell and it depends entirely how long the project takes.
I will start the map and send you what I have produced and the cost up to now.
How long it takes is completely out of my control – it is up to you.
You can decide at any time if you want to continue the map or cancel at no cost.
Most maps cost between $200 and $400.
The largest properties might have over a hundred paddocks and have an area of hundreds of square kilometres.
They might cost over $1000 but this is rare.

This is how my Guarantee works:

  1. You tell me where your property is.
  2. I produce an initial map along with the cost up to now if you want to proceed.
  3. You decide if you like the initial map and how much more detail you require.
  4. At all times, you are in control of the cost of the map as the map progresses.