Why have a map?

So you know the property like the back of your hand!
Why would you spend money on a map?

  1. Maps help you explain to workers and contractors where it is.
  2. Maps help you record things that happen or what needs to be done on the property.
  3. Maps aid in planning for the future.
  4. Maps help you remember all the hidden infrastructure and to explain to others where it is.
  5. Maps allow you to leave the property to have a break or a holiday.
  6. Maps assist in selling the property by:
    • Displaying the property to the world (on the World Wide Web)
    • Showing ALL the infrastructure and features
    • Making it easy for the new owners, managers or workers to manage and run the property
    • Maximizing the Selling Price
  7. Maps make a new property much easier to manage for a new property owner.

Maps from Mayne Maps can make all this possible for very little cost.